Emergency Closings

Pursuant to Texas Finance Code 37.002 (d), a bank must notify the Commissioner as promptly as possible about closing an office or operation.

Emergencies include:

  • fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or wind, rain, or snow storm;
  • labor dispute or strike;
  • power failure, transportation failure, or interruption of communication facilities;
  • shortage of fuel, housing, food, transportation, or labor;
  • robbery, burglary, or attempted robbery or burglary;
  • epidemic or other catastrophe; or
  • riot, civil commotion, enemy attack, or other actual or threatened act of lawlessness or violence.

Reporting Inclement Weather Closings

To report an emergency situation, please contact the Department by one of the following:
Phone:  877-TXDOB-INFO (1-877-893-6246)
Fax:      512-475-1313
Email:    txdob.info@dob.texas.gov

Temporary Operating Facilities

If a natural disaster or other catastrophic event impacts your operations such that you plan to open a temporary facility due this emergency, you need to provide notice to the Department of Banking within five days.  The notice should include the following information:

  • Name of the institution;
  • Headquarter location of the institution;
  • Address of the temporary branch;
  • Location of the affected facility;
  • Estimated duration of time that the temporary branch will be needed; and
  • Contact information, including phone number and email address.

The above notice can be provided by email. If you have any questions, please direct them to 877-TXDOB-INFO (1-877-893-6246).

Frequently Ask Questions

FAQs for Temporary Facilities to help bankers during an emergency situation.

Update Contact Information Listed with Department

ACES is a fast and easy way for financial institutions to update and maintain contact information with the Department. Designate contacts for a variety of correspondence.

Emergency Resources

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