Compact with Texans

The Texas Department of Banking charters, licenses, and regulates financial providers in the state of Texas. Our mission is to ensure that Texas has a safe and sound financial services system.


  • Issue charters, licenses, and registrations, and approve applications to conduct business by:
    • State-chartered banks operating in Texas
    • Independently owned Texas state-chartered trust companies
    • Foreign bank corporations operating in Texas
    • Money services businesses operating in Texas
    • Perpetual care cemeteries operating in Texas
    • Prepaid funeral licensees operating in Texas
    • Check verification entities
  • Examine these institutions to determine safety and soundness of operations and/or compliance with Texas laws
  • Issue administrative or enforcement actions against licensees when necessary to affect compliance or corrective action
  • Offer assistance in resolving consumer disputes with regulated entities
  • Provide information regarding regulated industries and associated laws, rules, policies, and practices

The Texas Department of Banking will:

  • Support and promote participation of safe and sound state-chartered banks and trust companies and legally operating licensed entities in the financial services system
  • Provide a state regulatory system that avoids unnecessary impediments to healthy competition
  • Provide timely and meaningful information on laws, rules or activities overseen by the agency
  • Be accountable and responsive, including:
    • Returning phone calls as soon as possible but within one working day
    • Responding to requests for written information within five working days
    • Routing information requests to the appropriate agency within one working day, even if the request does not relate to the Department of Banking;
    • Providing an independent function to hear appeals of examination ratings and findings by regulated entities
  • Communicate effectively, including:
    • Providing an Internet site ( that contains:
      • Information on the agency
      • Information on developments in the regulated industries
      • Consumer complaint forms, instructions for filing consumer complaints, and our answers to frequently asked questions
      • The laws, rules, policies and procedures that pertain to our licensees
    • Providing publications, pamphlets and presentations on the agency’s activities
    • Providing information releases when appropriate

The Texas Department of Banking welcomes all suggestions and will promptly respond to all complaints directed against the agency itself or the institutions it supervises. When complaints are received against institutions which the agency is unable to address due to lack of authority, they will directed to the most appropriate responding agency within one business day. Suggestions or complaints may be received in person, by telephone, by email, or in writing to any Department employee, or to the representatives identified below. All formal suggestions and complaints will be acknowledged and reviewed.

The agency’s web site ( has information regarding appropriate authorities for filing complaints, answers to frequently asked questions, complaint forms, and procedures for filing a complaint with the Department of Banking. While most complaints will ultimately have to be submitted in writing (to the representatives noted below, located at 2601 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas 78705), consumers are also welcome to register a complaint in person, by email, or by telephone for issues related to banking. Written complaints will be forwarded to the regulated entity for response within 15 business days, with a copy of the forwarding letter sent to the consumer. Within 15 business days of receipt of a response from a regulated entity, the Department will send a closure letter to the consumer providing an analysis of the information submitted.

Agency's Customer Relations Representatives for customers of regulated industries:

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