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Welcome to the Texas Department of Banking’s Web Portal.

The Entity Login Portal allows regulated entities and their agents to report and exchange data quickly.  All systems require a valid username and password.  If you have any questions about anything here feel free to contact us. This portal is available to the Department of Banking’s regulated entities and their agents, all other use is prohibited.

These application systems contain restricted information. Access and use of these systems are restricted to authorized individuals only. By logging in, you confirm you are authorized to use these systems and will abide by all applicable federal and state laws, Executive Orders, directives, policies, regulations, and standards,as well as the Texas Department of Banking Information Security Policies.

DEX 2.0 Entity User Manual

DEX 2.0 Webinar - September 2017

For questions or comments about any of the applications listed below, please use the form on this page and select "Technical Support/Accessibility/Website Problems” to contact the Web Administrator.

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