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The Texas Department of Banking operates under the oversight of the Texas Finance Commission, and is an agency of the State of Texas. The Department performs functions designed to maintain a financial regulatory system for Texas that promotes a consistent banking environment, and provides the public with convenient, safe, competitive banking and other stable financial services. The major functions of the agency are to charter, license, or register specific entities, which may include regulating and examining.


Agency Overview



The agency conducts surveys periodically of its stakeholders to obtain feedback for improving procedures, operations, and processes.

General Information

  • Compact With Texans - The Compact With Texans sets forth the customer service standards and describes customer service principles for an agency as well as licensing and certification procedures.
  • Energy Management Plan - All agencies are required to develop and implement a Resource Efficiency Plan and to submit certain certifications to State Energy Conservation Office concerning that plan and its implementation.
  • Where the Money Goes - The Comptroller of Public Accounts provides tools to search the state check register, track state spending.
  • SAO Fraud Reporting - Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse in Texas to the State Auditor’s Office.