Financial Education

Mission Statement

Financial Education

Bankers helping Texans making informed decision about budget, credit, asset building, savings and debt management through financial education.

79th Regular Legislative Session
Financial literacy bills that established personal finance education in school curricula.

82nd Regular Legislative Session
Financial literacy bills requiring teaching institutions to offer training, distribution of money management resources to the public, and incorporation of financial literacy courses in public school mathematics.

Texas Department of Banking Financial Education Brochure
The brochure can be used at any education event in the community. Intended to be helpful information on the various programs available.

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What can you do?

Be active in your community! Establish an In-School Bank, join the “Bank On” Initiative, and share your success story with others.

In–School Banking



These are select resource sites that offer financial education programs and information.


Most popular curricula used to teach financial education to youth, adults and senior citizens.



Senior Citizens

“Bank On” Programs in Texas

The “Bank On” program is an initiative to bank the unbanked. Become a financial partner and expand your marketing in targeted low-to-moderate income neighborhoods, identify new customers, develop strategies to reach unbanked customers, and make strong connections in the community.Financial Literacy

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