Commercial Bank Examination Procedures

The examination programs focus on an entity's overall financial health, management practices, information technology risks, and compliance with state and federal laws.

  1. Examination Planning
  2. Allowance for Credit Losses
  3. Audit
  4. Liquidity / Borrowed Funds
  5. Capital Accounts and Dividends
  6. Cash, Cash Items, and Clearings
  7. Collections, Consigned Items, Safekeeping, and Safe Deposit
  8. Deposits, Dormant Accounts, and Official Checks
  9. Earnings
  10. Funds Management
  11. Insurance and Risk Management
  12. Interbank Liabilities
  13. Investment Securities
  14. Loans and Leases
    1. Asset Based Lending
    2. Indirect Lending
    3. Floor Plan Inventory Financing
    4. Real Estate Lending
    5. Highly Leveraged Transactions and Leveraged Buy-Outs
    6. Agricultural Lending
    7. Oil and Gas Lending
    8. Consumer Installment and Credit Card Loans
    9. Letters of Credit
    10. Home Equity Lending
    11. Nontraditional and Subprime Mortgage Lending
  15. Loan Review
  16. Management
  17. Other Assets
  18. Other Liabilities
  19. Other Real Estate Owned
  20. Overdrafts and Kite Suspect
  21. Premises and Equipment
  22. Related Organizations
  23. Retail Sale of Nondeposit Investment Products
  24. Temporary Mortgage Purchase Programs
  1. Other Supervisory Issues
  2. Bank Secrecy Act /  Anti-Money Laundering


Reference Material

The Reference Material file is a list with selected links to Department of Banking and federal regulatory agency issuances as they relate to each procedure above.