Banker Economic and Business Survey




This survey is conducted quarterly and reflects the opinions of executives of state-chartered banks throughout Texas. The summary reports are developed from information obtained from the Banker and Business Economic Survey.

The banker selection provides a cross section of state-chartered banks in Texas, both in size and location. Further, bankers asked to participate in the survey are selected from rural and metropolitan markets alike and each state-chartered bank is sent a survey once each year. The Department finds the information insightful and helpful and makes the compiled results available to interested parties. The results should not be considered statistically valid in any form. Rather, the results should be taken as a gauge or pulse of industry sentiment and observation.

The responses are greatly appreciated from the bankers contacted for these surveys. We would like to share this information and hope it is useful.

Survey Results

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Banker Economic and Business Survey

Survey given to executives of state-chartered banks throughout Texas.  View Sample Survey

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