Recent Policy and Guidance Actions

The table below reflects recent actions related to Department of Banking regulatory issuances. The Law & Guidance Manual contains these and all other Supervisory Memorandums and Regulatory Guidance.

Type Subject Matter Applicable Entities Date Issued
Supervisory Memorandum 1043 Permissible Uses of “Bank” and Related Terms in Marketing and Other Limits Related to Marketing Regulated Financial Services State-Chartered Banks and Trust Companies; All Money Services Business Licensees 12/09/2020
Supervisory Memorandum 1008 Policy for Other Real Estate Owned (OREO) State-Chartered Banks 10/01/2020
Supervisory Memorandum 1024 Accepting Money Services Businesses (MSBs) Reports of Examination (ROEs) of Other State Agencies All Money Services Business Licensees 09/01/2020
Supervisory Memorandum 1023 Examination Frequency Policy for Money Services Businesses (MSBs) All Money Services Business Licensees 09/01/2020
Supervisory Memorandum 1025 Level II Full Scope Examinations    All State-Chartered Banks 11/25/2019
Supervisory Memorandum 1003 Examination Frequency for State-chartered Banks    All State-Chartered Banks 09/30/2019
Supervisory Memorandum 1029 Risk Management of Account Takeovers All State-Chartered Banks 09/30/2019