Recent Policy and Guidance Actions

The table below reflects recent actions related to Department of Banking regulatory issuances after September 1, 2017. The Law & Guidance Manual contains these and all other Supervisory Memorandums and Regulatory Guidance.

Type Subject Matter Applicable Entities Date Issued
Supervisory Memorandum 1020 Information Technology Examination Frequency and Ratings All State-Chartered Banks, Trust Companies, and Technology Service Providers 8/7/2018
Supervisory Memorandum 1003 Examination Frequency for State-Chartered Banks All State-Chartered Banks 7/9/2018
Regulatory Guidance 3008 Residential Mortgage Loan Fraud All State-Chartered Banks 5/1/2018
Supervisory Memorandum 1004 Examination Frequency for Trust Companies All State-Chartered Trust Companies 3/15/2018
Supervisory Memorandum 1042 Effect of Criminal Convictions on Licensing All Institutions Regulated by the Texas Department of Banking 10/17/2017