In the Matter of
Brickstone Trust Bank, its Agents and Operators

Before The Banking Commissioner of Texas
Austin, Travis County, Texas


On this day, the matter of Brickstone Trust Bank, its agents, and its operators (Brickstone) was submitted to the Banking Commissioner of the State of Texas (Commissioner) for consideration and action.


  1. Brickstone operates a website at www.bricksstonetrust.com, where it purports to be a bank and trust company with locations in Ghana, London, England, and Pflugerville, Texas.
  2. Brickstone is not: chartered in Texas; authorized to engage in the business of banking or fiduciary for hire in Texas; or supervised by or registered with any Texas or federal regulatory agency.
  3. The Pflugerville address listed on the website is 1601 Pecan Street West. The building located at this address is actually Calvary Austin Church.
  4. The website offers "loans and credits," as well as depository accounts. The pages offering these products collect personal identification documents and social security numbers.
  5. The Commissioner finds that both the domain name and content of the website violate Texas Finance Code §§ 31.005 and 181.004 by using the terms "bank" and "trust" and by implying that Brickstone is engaged in the business of banking and fiduciary for hire.
  6. Pursuant to Texas Finance Code §§ 35.208 and 185.207, the Commissioner finds that immediate action is necessary to prevent immediate and irreparable public harm from the continuing fraudulent activity of Brickstone and its agents and operators.
  7. Immediate and irreparable harm can result if Brickstone collects personal identification information or obtains funds from an individual.
  8. The duration of this order shall be perpetual, subject to the Commissioner’s decision that he no longer deems it necessary or the Commissioner’s issuance of a stay pursuant to Texas Finance Code §§ 35.208(f) and 185.207(f).


In accordance with Texas Finance Code §§ 35.208 and 185.207, Brickstone is ORDERED to cease and desist from implying that it engages in the business of banking or fiduciary for hire.
Brickstone is further ORDERED to remove all instances of the terms "bank" and "trust" from its website, and to remove the pages offering loans and credits, and depository accounts.
Brickstone is further ORDERED to cease and desist from using the domain name "bricksstonetrust.com" or any other domain name that incorporates the words "bank," "trust," or similar terms.

Effective Date
Pursuant to Texas Finance Code §§ 35.208 and 185.207, this Emergency Order to Cease and Desist Activity will take effect immediately and stays in effect unless stayed by the

Notice of Right to Hearing

Under Texas Finance Code §§ 35.208 and 185.207 Brickstone has the right to request in writing a hearing to challenge this Order. To do so Brickstone must request the hearing in writing before the 11th day after the date this Order is served on Brickstone, or this Order will be final and nonappealable.


This Order will be served as follows:

  1. On Carl Day, the registrant of record for the website via certified mail, return receipt requested.
  2. On Brickstone via email submission through the website to info@bricksstonetrust.com.

Signed on this 5th day of March, 2015.

/s/ Charles G. Cooper
Charles G. Cooper
Texas Banking Commissioner