Bank Examiner

Career Opportunities

A career as a Bank and Trust examiner normally begins at the Financial Examiner I position. A Financial Examiner I advances two levels through a Financial Examiner III as specialized training occurs and experience is gained. The next level of accomplishment is that of becoming a Financial Examiner IV by successfully completing a series of written and oral tests to be a “Commissioned Bank Examiner”. The career path continues, as professional growth is attained, through Financial Examiner IV, V and VI to the position of Financial Examiner VII. There are opportunities to specialize in the examination of trust, electronic data processing operations, and capital markets activities. Examiners also have the opportunity to examine banks of varying asset sizes in different locations within the State of Texas. Additionally, we review compliance with legislative and regulatory standards imposed at the federal level to help prevent and combat money laundering and financing of terrorist activity.


Financial Examiners attend a series of national schools presented by the federal regulatory agencies and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors. This training is supplemented by intensive on-the-job training during the first few years of employment. Advanced and specialty training is available to examiners as they progress in their careers with the Department, including attendance at the annual Department of Banking Conference.

Work Locations and Travel

Examiners are assigned to one of the Department's four regional offices in the following cities: San Antonio, Houston, Arlington, and Lubbock. Bank & Trust examiners often travel in teams to examine state-chartered banks and other regulated entities. Overnight travel is extensive and occurs on a frequent basis. Reimbursement for approved travel expenses is authorized for travel, lodging and meals to work locations which exceed normal commuting distances from an employee's designated headquarters. As an examiner gains experience and as the Department's needs change, opportunities may exist for relocation to other regions in the state or to the Headquarters office in Austin.


Employees are evaluated at least annually under the Department's Performance Management System. Merit salary increases may be granted to recognize, reward, and reinforce quality performance and are based on the performance appraisal.


The Department's staffing plan provides substantial opportunities for promotions, varying work assignments, and different work locations. Employees are encouraged to strive toward higher professional levels. Bank examiners are eligible for promotion based on their merits of achievement up through the second level of a commissioned examiner. The final two levels of a commissioned examiner are available based on an internal staffing plan that is periodically revised to meet the agency’s regulatory responsibilities. Currently, promotions for all levels of IT and trust specialty examiner positions are based on merit of achievement.

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