The Peoples State Bank

Headquarters Contact Info

Physical Address:
718 Elm Street
Clyde, TX 79510

County: Callahan
Date Closed: 02/01/2005

Mailing Address:
PO Box 459
Clyde, TX, 79510

Status: Closed
Charter Number: 1909-13
FDIC No: 18275


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Name Charter No. Address City County Date Opened Date Closed
The Peoples State Bank 1909-13
101 Fisher Street
Moran, TX 76464
Moran Shackelford 01/15/1988 02/01/2005
The Peoples State Bank 1909-13
106 Main
Ranger, TX 76470
Ranger Eastland 10/16/1992 02/01/2005
The Peoples State Bank 1909-13
Corner of Anderson & College
Rising Star, TX 76471
Rising Star Eastland 09/21/1990 02/01/2005


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Date Action Notes
2/1/2005 Merger Into First National Bank of Abilene, Abilene, TX.
6/29/1998 Home Office Relocation From 125 Oak St., Clyde, TX, to 718 Elm St., Clyde, TX.
10/16/1992 Merger Target: Freedom Bank, Ranger, TX.
12/22/1988 Merger Target: Interim Peoples State Bank, Clyde, TX.
7/9/1960 Opened The Peoples State Bank.