Peoples Bank & Trust

Headquarters Contact Info

Physical Address:
503 N. Deahl St.
Borger, TX 79008

County: Hutchinson
Date Closed: 05/31/1996

Mailing Address:
PO Box 3238
Borger, TX, 79008

Status: Closed
Charter Number: 2942-21
FDIC No: 18662


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Name Charter No. Address City County Date Opened Date Closed
Peoples Bank & Trust 2942-21
525 Morse Street
Stinnett, TX 79083
Stinnett Hutchinson 05/28/1991 05/31/1996


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Date Action Notes
5/31/1996 Close Involuntary dissolution. Certain assets and liabilities acquired by Boatmen's First National Bank of Amarillo, Amarillo, TX.
5/18/1992 Home Office Relocation From 525 Morse St., Stinnett, TX, to 531 N. Deahl St., Borger, TX.
7/2/1990 Conversion RE: County National Bank, Stinnett, TX.
7/2/1990 Opened Peoples Bank & Trust.