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How to File a Complaint

STEP 1: Determine if the Institution is Regulated with the Department of Banking

The Department of Banking is authorized to handle written complaints on registered private child support enforcement agencies.

To ensure that the Department of Banking supervises the agency that you wish to file a complaint against, check  the Supervised, Registered & Licensed Companies search for a listing of agencies. If you have not contacted the agency about your complaint you should begin by contacting them. Information on filing complaints may be included in your contract.

STEP 2: File a Consumer Complaint

If your complaint is against a private child support enforcement agency that is registered in Texas, file a written complaint by completing the Consumer Complaint Form  (español). To initiate an investigation, a complaint must be in writing. If you have any questions contact our Consumer Assistance Activities.

The complaint should include the name and office location of the agency as well as the individuals with whom you spoke. The complaint should explain the problem in a simple, chronological narrative, making sure to include names and dates. Make legible photocopies of any documentary evidence that supports your claim and include them with the complaint. Do not send originals.

We request that copies of the following documents accompany your complaint:

  • Court Order authorizing Child Support Payments (Required)
  • Agreements between you and the agency (if Applicable)

Mail the complaint to:
Texas Department of Banking
Consumer Assistance Activities
2601 N. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78705-4294

or by e-mail 

STEP 3: Complaint Resolution

Once a complaint is received, the Department has 30 days in which to begin an investigation into the merits of the complaint.

A copy of the complaint and supporting documentation are sent along with a cover letter to the appropriate contact person within the private child support enforcement agency. The Department asks that the agency respond within 10 business days from the date the complaint is mailed to them. During this time we will conduct our research into the matter and review all applicable laws.

The Department will work to resolve the complaint in a fair and equitable manner and will issue a finding of fact. The complainant will be notified of the findings through written correspondence.

The complete complaint process can take 30-40 business days. In certain situations, the Department may need to extend the processing time beyond the typical time frame. If this is necessary, we will notify you.

If the matter is in litigation or if a court has made a ruling, the Texas Department of Banking will not intervene.

If you have any questions pertaining to the child support services, paternity, or parent locating services, please contact the Office of the Attorney General, or review the Frequently Asked Questions.



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