Sabinal Bank

Headquarters Contact Info

Physical Address:
Sabinal, TX 78881

County: Uvalde
Date Closed: 03/21/1991

Mailing Address:
PO Box 158
Sabinal, TX, 78881

Status: Closed
Charter Number: 1463-29
FDIC No: 11185


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Name Charter No. Address City County Date Opened Date Closed
Sabinal Bank 1463-29
East Side of F.M. 187
Utopia, TX 78884
Utopia Uvalde 03/02/1987 03/21/1991


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Date Action Notes
3/21/1991 Close Involuntary dissolution and liquidation.
1/31/1967 Name Change To: Sabinal Bank.
6/18/1925 Opened Sabinal State Bank.