Iredell State Bank of Iredell, Texas

Headquarters Contact Info

Physical Address:
Iredell, TX 76649

County: Bosque
Date Closed: 07/12/1990

Mailing Address:
PO Box 10
Iredell, TX, 76649

Status: Closed
Charter Number: 447-19
FDIC No: 15274


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Name Charter No. Address City County Date Opened Date Closed
Iredell State Bank of Iredell, Texas 447-19
State Highway 144
Walnut Springs, TX 76690
Walnut Springs Bosque 04/01/1987 07/12/1990


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Date Action Notes
7/12/1990 Close Involuntary dissolution. Certain assets and liabilities acquired by First Security Bank, Cranfills Gap, TX.
12/30/1922 Merger Target: Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Iredell, TX.
4/5/1909 Opened Iredell State Bank of Iredell, Texas.