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PCSEA Instructions for Financial Statements

General Information and Instructions

These Financial Statements, Personal Financial Statement and Business Financial Statement, are used in conjunction with corporate filings to the Texas Department of Banking (the “Department”).


Use of this report is not mandatory. Alternative formats, if used, however, must provide all requested information, including the certification by a responsible officer. All questions must be answered with complete and accurate information that is subject to verification. If the answer is “none,” “not applicable,” or “unknown,” so state. Answers of “unknown” should be explained. The questions are not intended to duplicate information supplied on another form or in an exhibit; a cross reference to the information is acceptable. If this report is used, questions should be answered in the space provided. Use additional sheets as necessary. If the report is not complete, the Department may either request additional information or return the filing. If you are a foreign national or a United States citizen who currently resides in a foreign country, additional information will be necessary.

Financial statements from individuals must be submitted as of a date not more than 90 days prior to the date the financial report of the applicant is submitted. All amounts in this report must be based on current market value in United States dollars, rounded to the nearest thousand dollars, and agree with any totals in the supplementary schedules. In addition to the sample financial schedules, you may wish to provide supplementary schedules for other items on the financial statement. If the sample financial statement form is used, all schedules must be completed. If the filer chooses to use another format, the information filed must include all information required on the sample format. In addition, the Department specifically reserves the right to require up to five years of financial data from any filer as well as the filing of additional information and/or statements, such as a Federal income tax return or a current appraisal to support an asset’s value.

Business financial statements must be submitted for the applicant, any person in control of an applicant which is not a natural person and any enterprise that is no publicly traded that comprises over 25% of the net worth of a natural person filing a Personal Financial Statement in connection with a filing submitted to the Department. Statements must be current in English, and denominated in U.S. dollars to be considered.

Each filer must report promptly any material change in the biographical report and/or financial condition that occurs during the review period for this filing.

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