Department Organization

Texas Department of Banking

The Department’s organizational chart provides an overview of agency’s hierarchy. Responsibility within the Texas Department of Banking is divided among six main divisions.

Bank & Trust Supervision

The purpose of the Bank Examination Program is to ensure the safety of depositors', beneficiaries', and shareholders' money in the banking and trust system. This is done through examinations of the regulated entities to determine their condition and verify compliance with certain state laws. Supervision includes issuing policies and procedures for sound practices, maintaining contact with entity management and reviewing proposed activities.

Corporate Activities

The Corporate Activities Division ensures that the entities entrusted with public deposits and assets meet minimum qualifying criteria in terms of financial and business capacity and good character. Application and notice requirements exist to ensure that changes in the regulated entity's activities or locations are prudent and do not cause undue safety and soundness concerns. The Corporate Activities Division performs two key functions:

  • The review and processing of all application and notice filings by state-chartered, licensed, or registered banks, foreign banks, trust companies, bank holding companies, money services businesses; and private child support enforcement agencies that operate in Texas;
  • The receipt and review of all statutory filings (i.e., Articles of Association, Articles of Merger, Amendments to Articles of Association) for banks and trust companies.


The Legal Division provides legal support to the Department. Responsibilities of the legal staff include working with elected officials to draft proposed legislation, researching examination issues, drafting legal opinions, preparing testimony for the Commissioner, and keeping abreast of changes in federal statutes.

Special Audits

The Special Audits Division is divided into three main functional areas:

The main functions of each area above are to license, regulate and examine the licensees for compliance with state laws and rules. Each program is designed to protect the consumers. These programs also pursue unlicensed activities.

Strategic Support

The Division of Strategic Support provides critical support to divisions within the agency by ensuring that they have the resources they need and policies and procedures to help them perform their responsibilities. The Division of Strategic Support is responsible for oversight of examiner training, consumer complaints, development of policies and procedures, maintenance of reference materials, publications, financial education, primary imaging responsibility for the Department and the Department's website. In addition, the Senior Financial Analyst performs the ombudsman function, acting directly for the Commissioner. The existence of this division ensures separation between the examination and ombudsman functions.