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Site Policies

The Texas Department of Banking (DOB) respects your privacy. We do not collect personal information about persons who visit our web site unless the visitor provides personal information in an electronic mail message so that we may respond to the message or make further inquiries to third parties.

The DOB does, however, automatically collect certain technical information about your Internet connection when you visit our web site to read or download information. We use this information to monitor the popularity of the various features of the web site for general reporting and management purposes. This information can also be used to evaluate the accessibility of our web site. As discussed in greater detail below, none of this information permits identification of personal information for any individual.

If you identify yourself or provide personal information when you contact us, as you would, for example, in requesting public information or submitting a complaint about a regulated entity, we will use the information only for the purpose it is submitted. The information will not be shared with anyone outside the DOB unless necessary for investigative purposes, or disclosure is compelled by law.

To understand in greater detail how we handle information about your Internet connection or personal information which you supply, consult the appropriate section below.

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